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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>mark: and you for joining us. the top stories we are following, a high-school friend is to jeopardize in graduation day for dozens of local citizens this stocks sliding after world markets react to friday's dismal jobs report. we will bring you the latest from wall street after the big drop on friday. a sigh of relief for commuters after a major muni new-line reopens. details ahead. house >>darya: you may need windshield wipers. >> we already have some damp pavement in san francisco. we had a light drizzle off coming down early this morning.
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most of the rain happen by noon and beyond a glimpse of
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your extended forecast coming up. here is an update on your commute. >>george: . they little bit of slowing and the bay bridge westbound. the metering lights have not yet been activated. and >>darya: a lot of kids are graduating from school,
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middle school and high- school, it is a big deal. if you miss it, that is a punishment. that is what is happening to some students this morning. will tran is live in burlingame taking a look at this latest story. this beautiful high school was the face. with them to the kids do not think they should be punished because they used washable pain. they could washable pain on their feet and walked all over campus. here is video of what they did. they did not break anything. that is a part of their arguments. after a couple of days or so they fell bad if so they cannot over the weekend along with their parents to clean up the mess without being told by the school district to do so. that is why the parents
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believe that punishment does not fit the crime.
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>>da: some of the students who did this are impeccable. it was just a high-school friend. it did not break anything.
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>>darya: the n juda muni line is that open this morning.
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>>yoli: everything seems to be running very smoothly. most trains are on time. there have been several trains going in and out. what passengers can expect from last week is basically a smoother ride and a quieter ride. they have been trying to replace some of the railing, the pavement and electrical work. the other things she mentioned was that everything was on time and there were no problems. she said she is happy to see
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airtran again. last week, off zero passengers were really unsettled. >>darya: i remember, you were out there talking to them about retyping the commute. the >>justine: a strong earthquake in indonesia overnight. here is a map of where this happened. it is coming in as a 5.9 magnitude earthquake. it caused tall buildings in jakarta to sway back and forth. there are no immediate reports of damage or casualties. the area is known to be on a fault line in that surrounded by a lot of full
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volcanoes. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues until 10:00. rainfall in a few spots around the bay area. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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rethink possible. >>darya: look at this. it is not just fall.
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it is and drizzle. we are already getting a little bit of this storm headed our way. >>mark: someone inside of a passing car opened fire on a group of the barbecue, one person was hit in the hips
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and taken to fee hospital. an officer on patrol witnessed the drive by shooting into chased the car. the second shooting happened three hours later less than 1 mi. away from the first shooting scene. >>darya: an investigation into a string of nearly 50 auto burglaries in san francisco has resulted in the arrest of three men and a juvenile. the cars were hit over the past several months. it turns out, the police to the sting operation on friday and spotted a vehicle and saw some people they thought were up to know if indeed they did indeed arrest them. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look from the roof camera in san francisco. we're expecting off and on rain throughout the day.
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>>justine: delays of three hours at sfo. check with your airlines before flying. this is because of bad weather out there this morning. james fletcher has more on the forecast. >>james: here is a view from the james lick camera.
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cloud cover and fog is not surprising. we are also seeing damped pavement here and there. more substantial rain headed our way for the afternoon. partly cloudy skies this morning with widespread fifties in many locations. most of the rain will fall in the north bay. this evening, once the chars leave us we expected to clear out rather quickly as the system will move on and we will be left with better weather as we head into the rest of the week. here's what it looks like on the satellite raider. the bulk of the cold from is still out of our area. we are of the up bits and
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pieces costs of rain but the heavier stuff is happening until the afternoon. fasad quest hot after today and things get better in terms of dry in stable weather.
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>>george: we do have a potential problem, and traffic maps.
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>>mark: san francisco giants player pablo sandoval is under investigation with connection of a sexual assault. the sheriff's department received a complaint of sexual assault. she told deputies a small group met downtown tonight before in 20 a resort where
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the incident allegedly occurred. pablo sandoval was named as the suspect.
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>>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the mt. tam camera. it looks stormy. great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right?
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>>james: in inverness we have the next line coming. look for scattered showers and light rain to pick up in intensity today. >>darya: the wall street journal reports, facebook is developing special new features for kids. they could possibly lift their ban for the under 13 age group. the technology allows parents to control of their kids' friends and what applications they use. many kids already lying about age to get access.
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>>mark: new information showing that the software engineering intern at facebook are being paid, just under $75,000 a year.
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>>mark: here is a live look from the trading floor of the new york stock exchange. dow futures are down 5
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points after friday's 75 point slide. >>james: we have some light rain and sprinkles coming down. you can see the front slicing through ukiah and stretching down well towards thought for rias. grieve over san francisco and the peninsula with another wave sitting of there. for now, we have like three go out there this morning. enough so the you'll probably have to render when shall wipers a little bit as
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you drive around. fiscal fifth half the as you head out the door for the 5:00 flight for a full 54 it will get the defined as the fifth if that it won the cold front will enter the north bay. and we're looking forward to it impacting 101 from about 3:00 on. in terms of total accumulations look for half an inch to the north bay. by 8:00 this evening the bulk of the wet weather will be headed out. school with at some are expecting a partly cloudy day. here is how the forecast will shape up today. mostly cloudy with highs in the '60s. it is one to the court and breezy day. tomorrow the highs will get back into the '70s inland. behind that a warming trend as we head towards the end
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of the week. sales this year if their forecasts coming up. half of >>george: we're looking at generally light conditions but we're still tracking for a hot spot of the fearful of that highway one accident is in pacific and north of doubles slide. it could be blocking the northbound lanes according to the california highway patrol at it. we are waiting policy to the officer to arrive on scenes that we can get more accurate information on. it could affect the drive head of north from half moon bay. >>mark: 25 high school seniors believe it was a harmless crank but the school says it is scandalous and because of that the students have been banned
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from graduation. will tran is live in brentwood with more. >>will: parents are rising and 45 did to try and was again talk to the school and here to hide in brentwood. they know what happened. they made their children went over the top but they do not feel the punishment fits the crime. here is the deal that we got over the weekend. students purchased washable securities it did not break anything. thick with the washable paid on their feet and walked all over campus. a day or so later, they felt remorse, they came back only to the gas and clean up the masked themselves. stunt to death at along with a washable pain, the we went too far the principles
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that they cannot walk during their graduation. >> compared to what i have seen in my experience as >>will: he is not laughing at all. he considers it vandalism. clear the superintendent said be here around 7:15 a.m.. maybe they can for fleet the school district very soft
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>>mark: what weather but this >>darya: at george zimmerman says he expects to have the motion today in seeking a new bond. the 20 year-old is behind bars after surrendering to
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authorities in central florida yesterday, two days after a judge revoked his bond. the judge said he believes he and his wife live out their finances to get a lower bond. since he did not tell the judge about where the online donations he had collected in his defense. $130,000. he has been charged with second-degree murder for the fatal shooting. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty saying it was self- defense. >>mark: injuries sandusky trial is set to begin tomorrow. last week a judge denied his attorneys latest bid for a delayed. sandusky has been under house arrest since been charged with abusing 10 young boys over a 13 year period of time. he has pleaded not guilty.
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>>darya: some eight students in a brentwood say it was a graduation crank but now, they may not be graduating. we will have a interview with the principle who is coming down hard on these seniors. we will also have weather and traffic.
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costs sphere are a
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>>mark: 25 high school seniors believed it was a prank, but the principle believes that it was vandalism. >>will: it happened right here at heritage high school. the school is not laughing. the kids say they do admit they were wrong. is that the last couple of days cleaning up the washable feet that was found all over campus. the school district, especially the principal says, it is not a forgivable offense.
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for now, they will not be allowed to walk during graduation. >> if you look at the extent of what was done, the consequences are quite appropriate. students were told ahead of time in this senior meetings this was not just a little bit of washable paid. it is extensive.
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>> the kids but the sheep from cragslist and tied the sheep on campus. the kids came back to clean. did that not show remorse and majority to clean up without you having to tell them? >> that does and i appreciate that however, it does not remove what was done. it is also unfortunate that while some students have come out and it made a public apology and have shown remorse which again, is appreciated, some
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students are going on to facebook and other social media harassment and threatening students were saying things that are inappropriate. >>will: is there going to be any argument you would possibly hear that might have you changed your mind? it is a big deal for high- school kids to wear their cap and gown. >> i will certainly listen to any information fox, this is an active investigation. at a later time and date i of the final decision.
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>>will: they will gradually? >> that is correct. the majority of students have already earned enough credits to graduate. there might be a handful of students who will need to pass a one or two final exams, but the overwhelming majority of the citizen of have already and turned aside as a graduate. sa off off jeff faugh
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>>darya: and james told you ahead of time about their rain. it has come in on you. >>james: the success we have some bits and pieces in advance of the main from beginning to impact the bay area.
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as we advance into the evening news, you'll get some sporadic shower activity. by 8:00 p.m., most of it should be out of our here. it's going to be a full day for you. as we take a look at the 7 day around today, things will get better in terms of temperatures. wednesday and thursday, the inland highs back into the flow east. faugh >>george: we are continuing have on the third fiscal on the peninsula for.
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in his seat since on seen it with an accident in pacifica. it turns out to be closer to meter track. we did have a lane block that they have already cleared of blame. we are not looking at a hot spots or anything in the way of unusually slow traffic. we may have a hot spot on the east shore freeway. adjusted 80 westbound, a minor accident has been reported around gilman. that's it right near the 580 and march. if there is a lane block, that could mean an early back up for the east shore freeway ride. currently the drive time is well within normal limits. 16-fuel minutes from hercules on the bay bridge, the backup continues to grow. we have been incidents free but we are already back of beyond the ec over crossing for the westbound ride. the san mateo bridge is problem free. on the golden gate, it appears as though this qr -- it is a left at harry you
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can see someone still alive are activity of the cars headed southbound. you could be looking at a wet ride on a one-to-one from marin county to. >>darya: here is a live look from the mt. tam camera. we do have rain. it is running below this shot of the golden gate. we'll see how long this will last. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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>>darya: we are following the top trading stories aloud whether this morning. everyone is talking about the celebrations taking place in england. queen elizabeth is marking 60 years with a diamond jubilee. she led a flotilla while 1000 vessels followed along. a concert tonight at buckingham palace with sir elton john and serve paul
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mccartney. at the box office, snow white and the huntsman broke the spell of lackluster performances by many other films grabbing $56.3 million in its first weekend beating out man in black 3. 23 year-old olivia copeland from rhode island was crowned miss usa. she took the crown after entering a question about transgendered contestants and giving them her full support. to discuss what is fronting on the
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>> >>mark:


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